This is no time for pointless bickering!
~ Dunban to Reyn and Tyrea
Natsuki! Yuri! You guys are my friends! I-I just want everyone to get along and be happy! My friends are wonderful people...and I love them because of their differences! Natsuki's poems...they're amazing because they give you so many feelings with just a few words! And Yuri's poems are amazing because they paint beautiful pictures in your head! Everyone's so why are we fighting...?
~ Sayori to Natsuki and Yuri

The Voice of Reason is the smart and sensible one who speaks his/her mind about what's best for everyone. These heroes are usually the one sane member in a group of Extremists, Wrathful Heroes, Anti Heroes or just Dimwits who don't know what they're doing.

They are the ones who try their best to keep the group from getting too reckless. They are typically level-headed and want to avoid unnecessary confrontation. This may be hard for them, if they're dealing with domineering people, but they'll figure it out by talking things over smoothly.

In a Five-Man Band, these are usually the Chick or the Heart. Often overlaps with Straight man.

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