Yukine: Your house is freaking huge! You must be really rich or something, huh?
Hiyori: Don't be silly. I'm just an ordinary teenager.
Yukine: Yeah, well, this doesn't look very ordinary to me.
~ Hiyori Iki being modest about her upbringing
A Spoiled Sweet hero is a variation of Rich Heroes and Aristocrats. It describes a hero who grew up in a rich or aristocratic background and have everything they could possibly want, but rather than being mean, snobbish and narcissistic like many would expect, they are humble, modest, charitable and nice to just about everybody. While some may throw a tantrum from time to time, heroes who are Spoiled Sweet are always openly friendly and hospitable in spite of their high-class upbringing, simply because they don't trade their love for money.

A perfect example is Tomoyo Daidouji, who never had any problems with being Sakura Kinomoto's sidekick despite being the rich kid.

However, not all of these heroes live perfectly happy lives. Some can be showered with riches but starved of attention and love, like Mary Lennox, Princess Anna, Lucy Heartfilia, Nia Tepplin and Winnie Portley-Rind.

Note: To qualify for this category, a character MUST be openly kind and friendly towards people in general. Therefore, Good Hearted Bastards more often than not don't count, although some can become this through character development. Also, note that these characters are nearly always heroines and male examples are quite rare, although they do exist.

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