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You are good to me, Master. I'm sorry.
~ Quasimodo to Judge Claude Frollo.

Heroes who work as the servants of villains. Due to the loyalty they have to their masters, it is often possible or likely that they have no idea that their masters are evil. Sometimes they might be possessed or brainwashed by the villain.

Not to be confused with Apprentices of a Villain.

Here are a few examples of Heroes who served a Villain:

  1. Ilsa Faust from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: In the beginning of the story she worked for the Syndicate from her former boss Solomon Lane, later on it was revealed she was helping Ethan Hunt and his friends stop him before he kills the UK Prime Minister.
  2. Karai from the 2003 TMNT Cartoon: She was adopted by Ch'rell, the Utrom Shredder, he trained her very well and she was a servant to him also the Foot Clan. Sometimes she realizes her father has gone too far by killing the turtles, after the Utroms sent him to exile she spent all of Season 4 and Season 5 trying to make the Turtles pay for this. When she appeared as a guest of April O'Neil and Casey Jones's wedding, her vengeance with the Turtles is finally over.

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