Although lying is a trait more associated with villains, even heroes can lie.

They only lie for trying to escape from a dangerous situation or for misleading a villain; lying can be just as good as it is bad.

Here's a few things why heroes had to lie:

  • About where they are.
  • Pretending who they really are.
  • Saving themselves.
  • That they're working with the villain since the beginning.
  • To protect the people they care about.
  • What they did wrong.

Here are the examples:

Swear to me that everything you said about the Fireflies was true
~ Ellie seeing through Joel's lies
No book is ever going to make my daughter sad. Time for me to do what I do best: lie to a child.
~ Homer, about Lisa's Angelica Button book.
"Rule number one- the Doctor lies."
~ River Song stating that even the Doctor lies sometimes.
(Oscar hides behind the dead shark Frankie) (Ernie: Oscar!) (Bernie: Did you kill that shark?) (Oscar looks down at Frankie, then comes up with an idea) Uh...yeah. Exactly how it looks; that's how it is.
~ Oscar lying that he killed a shark, making him become the famous Sharkslayer.
Yeah. Two Big Monsters with big green eyes.
~ Pinocchio lying to the Blue Fairy.
The Blob is our monster friend
~ Plum lying to Clementine, Brad, Cooper, Gabi and Oliver.