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Harmonizers are the natural opposites of Anarchists, and the good counterparts to Oppressors (as well as Dictators and an extended version of Usurpers). They seek to bring peace, order, stability and justice within their world. These are individuals who will use any form of harmony in order to better the places they live in which can range from a mere village, an entire city or country, or even an entire world. They uphold powerful beliefs which can sometimes be an old belief that has been used for a long period of time or insiltling a new belief. Regardless of which, it has be used to help stabalize society from complete collapse through various means such as heroically opposing an oppressive and corrupt regime or trying to make a peaceful revolution in order to tear down a harmful belief in society. Overall, Harmonizers utilize many forms of harmony in order to return a society to its peaceful state or to create a new society that is dedicated to the beliefs itself should the old society prove to be irredeemably corrupt and oppressive.

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