Save me, my hero!
~ A damsel in distress' de facto catchphrase
When rescuing a damsel, always handle with care!
~ Philoctetes teaching Hercules how to rescue a damsel in distress
Help, Fox!
~ Krystal being attacked by Aparoids
~ Gosalyn Waddlemeyer being lifted high in the air by Taurus Bulba's pet condor, Tantalus
Please... Save me...
~ Pauline kidnapped by Cranky Kong, then known as Donkey Kong.
Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
~ Princess Leia's cry for help in Star Wars: A New Hope

~ Jasmine waiting too long for Aladdin to free her from the hourglass.
Mr. Cedric... help!
~ Sofia the First trying to protect her amulet from Grimtrix
~ Princess Elena trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor
~ Padmé unable to get past Battle Droids blocking her way before Anakin saves her life by using the Force to push her back into the elevator, before the droids try to attack her
Ahh! No!! Sonic--Help!!
~ Amy Rose kidnapped by Metal Sonic for the first time.
~ Princess Peach kidnapped by Bowser

Damsel in Distress (also known as Distressed Damsel) is the classical beautiful and helpless maiden waiting for her hero to come and save her from the villain.

While it is a very old and still actively occurring character type, in modern times, the stereotype of damsel in distress is highly attacked by the feminists. However, the most recent damsels don't merely wait for their heroes and do try to fight for themselves, earning a more positive light. Also, many damsel in distress grow tired of being always saved by their men, and would work themselves out to become stronger.

Being a Damsel in Distress usually involves these occurrences:

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