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This is the future, Billy. I now rule the entire Earth. In my research, I discovered this worm form would give me immortality. You are the latest in a long line of Billy clones that have been keeping me company over the millennia.
~ Future Mandy to one of her Billy's clones

Conquerors are the good counterparts to Tyrants. They are powerful heroes who seek to conquer or have already conquered a certain area. Their territory can range from a city, to a particular region or country, to the entire world, to an entire galaxy or galaxies, to even the entire universe or cosmos. However, as responsible leaders opposed to their evil counterparts, they also conquer people's hearts.

Examples include; Aslan, Leia Organa and Ansem the Wise.

Note: NOT to be confused with Cosmic Entities, who are practically gods and not simple officials and Heroic Hegemony who wishes to be a Conqueror, but failed/yet to be able to fulfilled their said goal. Also, do not add benevolent rulers that have limited power or choose to limit their power.

See also

  • Heroic Dictators in The Heroism Wiki, for further information about Conquerors that happened to be heroic dictators.
  • Light Lords/Ladies in The Heroism Wiki, for further information about Conquerors that happened to be light lord/ladies.

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