Carter Kane is the son of Julius and Ruby Kane, the older brother of Sadie, the grandson of Mr. and Mrs Faust, the nephew of Amos, Zia Rashid's boyfriend, Head of the 21st Nome, The Eye of Horus and the male protagonist of The Kane Chronicles books.


Carter Kane was born in Los Angeles sometime in 1996 to Julius and Ruby Kane who two years later had a daughter, Sadie. Sometime around 2004 when Carter was eight and Sadie was six, Ruby died whilst releasing the cat goddess Bast from Cleopatra's Needle and a custody battle followed which resulted with Carter staying with Julius and Sadie staying with their grandparents in London and Julius could only visit Sadie twice a year (once in the summer and once in the winter).

The siblings eventually learned that they and their family are magicians of The House of Life. They set out to prevent the Chaos serpent Apophis from eating the sun and plunging the world into eternal darkness.

After defeating Apophis, Carter begins a relationship with a female magician named Zia Rashid.