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After five years on the east coast... it was time to go home.
~ Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson, better known by name as CJ, is the main protagonist of the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. CJ is a co-leader of the "Grove Street Families" (GSF), along with his brother, Sean "Sweet" Johnson, GFS is a criminal gang dedicated to the alleged marijuana trafficking, arms smuggling and bank robberies. Sweet suggested that CJ was born in the Johnson House, a two floor home in Grove Street, a cul-de-sac in Ganton, Los Santos, which was owned by the Johnson family matriarch, Beverly Johnson. Carl is the second child of a family of four (in birth order): Sean, Carl, Kendl, and Brian.

Five years prior to the beginning of the game, CJ left San Andreas and took up work in Liberty City out of discontent for the degrading situation of Los Santos. There, in Liberty City he earned his living working for the Family mob Leone. As the game opens, CJ arrives back in Los Santos following news of his mother's death, only to be located by corrupt police officers Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez, who immediately frame him for their recent murder of a fellow police officer who threatened to expose their illegal racketeering.


  • "You an asshole to the end! Punk motherfucker!!"
  • "Hey, Smoke!"
  • "What's your problem now?! It's me!"
  • "Seeing my homie! What's up with you?"
  • "You callin' CJ a bitch?"
  • "Go! Run away, homie!"
  • "I'm a Grove Street gangster what you expect?!"

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Heroic Deeds

During Free Roam

  • Make Taxi Rides for people. 
  • Pick up injured peoples with ambulance to hospital.
  • Extinguish burning vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Doing Vigilante missions and killing criminals.

During the Storyline

  • In the mission Sweet's girl, he escorts and rescues Sweet and his girlfriend to Grove Street from Seville Boulevard Families.
  • In the mission Burning Desire, he saves Denise from Burning Vagos house that he burned.
  • In the mission House Party, he, along with other Grove Street members and Sweet protect Grove Street from being attacked by Ballas.
  • In the mission The Green Sabre, he saves Sweet from being killed by Ballas, though Sweet is later being held in hospital prison.
  • In the mission Jizzy, he saves the girl from being attacked by 2 men.
  • In the mission Air Raid, he defend Zero's transmitters from Berkley's bombers.
  • In the mission The Da Nang Thang, he rescues the refugees from the Da Nang Boy freighter.
  • In the mission Mike Toreno, he and T-bone Mendez save Mike Toreno from Da Nang Boys.
  • In the mission Outrider, he escorts and makes sure Mike Toreno is driving his van to safety.
  • In the mission Interdiction, he escorts and protects Mike Toreno's helicopter from being destroyed by other helicopters.
  • In the mission Don Peyote, he rescues Maccer and Kent Paul from the desert and takes them to Caligula's place.
  • In the mission The Meat Business, he helps and protects Ken from being attacked by Sindaccos and escorts Ken to exit the abattoir safely.
  • In the mission Madd Dogg, he saves Madd Dogg from suicide attempt by jumping off the building and then later takes him to a hospital.
  • In the mission End of the Line, he saves Sweet from falling to his death when his grips are stomped by a cop by driving his car closer.

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