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I'm the Captain of the Axiom! We're going home TODAY!
~ Captain McCrea

Captain McCrea (also known as Captain B. McCrea or simply The Captain) is the tritagonist of WALL-E.

He is voiced by Jeff Garlin.

Captain McCrea is a captain of the ship Axiom. He helps WALL-E and EVE get the plant to the machine and they return to Earth.

His goal is to get the human race back to Earth to rebuild Earth. The first objective he needs to do is to take back the ship from AUTO.

Captain McCrea discovers that AUTO was controlling the ship for 700 years.

He was the one that defeats AUTO (the main villain) and another rogue robot, GO-4. Captain McCrea says to AUTO, "AUTO, you are relieved of duty." Captain McCrea shuts off AUTO and he takes back the ship. 

Captain B. McCrea vs. AUTO

Captain B. McCrea vs. AUTO

He was very happy to be back on Earth. He, WALL-E, EVE, the rest of the good robots, and the human race begin to rebuild Earth.

Captain fighting Auto