Huggy Official Art
Captain Huggy Face is WordGirl’s sidekick, a monkey from Lexicon, who was also responsible for crashing their spacecraft as a pilot of the Lexicon Air Force. His true name is Bob. Huggy Face has no superpowers (hence the reason that sometimes he has to take the bus because he cannot fly) and loves to eat almost anything, even the dreaded Beans à la Botsford (although he hates the repulsive Chicken Liver Fricassee and beef bouillon the Butcher conjured once). People often insult him by either saying his name wrong or calling him the wrong animal, most often Granny May. An example is "Tobey or Consequences" in which Tobey's babysitter calls him an "aardvark in tights" and has been called a dog or other animal. Huggy is a surprisingly competent sidekick and can do martial arts, especially kung fu. His symbol, on the chest of his costume, is a thunderbolt. As Bob, he is the Botsford family pet, played by James Adomian at script readings. He has been called a hedgehog, (flying) rabbit, koala, wombat, rat, bear, aardvark, ferret, otter, llama, a hairy kid, and probably others.

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