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Cameron Corduroy Wilkins
is the main protagonist of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He first discover Mike's multiple personality disorder. In one of two canon endings, He won after beating Lightning in the last episode. He came in second to Lightning in the other ending. He lived in the giantic plastic bubble because of his overprotective mother. He and is friends with Mike and Zoey. He completes again Total Drama: All-Stars, along with Sam, Mike and Zoey and got voted off in 100 episode of Total Drama series.

Cameron and Steve Urkel

  • They both wears glasses
  • They are African males
  • They are clumsy
  • They are both weak

Cameron and Tucker

  • Both are wearing glasses
  • Both are kinds of technerds
  • Both help their friend (Mike and Danny) with their problem (ghost powers and multiple personalities)


  • It's unknown if Cameron will make cameo in the sixth season or will be competing in any future seasons.


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