Cali (Trap Team)
Cali is a supporting character in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Before the next adventure Cali can refine the the Skylanders' abilities in the Heroic Challenge.


Cali is one of Skylands' most daring explorers. She describes herself as being tough and laughs in the face of danger. She is never afraid of being captured by her enemies, which is lucky as it seems to happen quite a lot. Despite this, as revealed in Prism Break and Sunburn's Heroic Challenges, she hates spiders. If you're looking for adventure, Cali is the natural choice as a trainer to prepare young Skylanders for future missions.



One of Skylands' greatest explorers, Cali originally set out to map every single islands before she was forced to give up after the number 4,367. She settled in Eon's Citadel where she helped train the Skylanders.