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Long ago, I made a mistake as Lady's caretaker. An evil diesel found Lady, and threatened to destroy her. He chased her, used up all her coal. He made her go too fast, and then he crashed her. And I brought her here, I tried my best to fix her up. But I've never been able to bring her to life... to make her steam. Patch, she's as precious as gold.
~ Burnett explaining to Patch that he had Lady hidden after Diesel 10's last attempt to destroy her. Despite having rebuilt Lady, Burnett is unable to steam her despite using different types of coal.
Burnett Stone is Lily's grandfather in Thomas & the Magic Railroad. He is played by Peter Fonda.

Thomas & The Magic Railroad

He is the caretaker on Muffle Mountain. Long ago, he shared a secret only with Tasha, his childhood friend: Lady. One day, he went to Sodor, where he drew a drawing of Lady, which Stacy found years later. He took Lady there. This was a mistake, however, as Diesel 10 came to Sodor, much to the fear of all the other engines, and threatened to destroy her. He made Lady go too fast and she used up all her coal and then crashed her. Burnett was lucky to bring her back to Muffle Mountain. He did his best to fix her up, but couldn't make her steam, nor could he make up for the mistake he made. And he had tried all the coals in the valley. He later married Tasha, but couldn't keep his promise to Tasha about taking her on a trip on Lady. She later died. This saddened Burnett so much that he refused to leave the other side of the mountain, not even to see his granddaughter, Lily. He is good friends with Patch, who often visits him.

Burnett & Lily

Burnett with Lily

Years later, Lily went to see him, but went missing, one day. Burnett had to find the secret to Lady more than ever and save the magic railroad. When they found her, she brought her special coal from Sodor, the only coal that can make her steam. They had finally restored the railroad and returned to Sodor. This was another mistake, as a few days ago, Diesel 10 had returned to the island to find Lady. But Burnett would not let her down again, and with the help of Thomas, they stopped Diesel 10.

It is unknown if Burnett stayed on Sodor to become Lady's driver or if he returned to Shining Time (Though it's most likely he took Lady home with him.)

Uncut version

No, you won't, Boomer, because the magic you refuse to believe in will be the better of you!
~ Burnett replies to Boomer

In this version Diesel 10 is not the one who wrecks Lady, but rather a bully named P.T. Boomer (who was originally the main antagonist) who was jealous of the relationship that Burnett Stone had with Tasha. But P.T. Boomer was cut as test audiences complained that he was too scary for a younger audience and Diesel 10 was rewritten as the main antagonist.

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