Burai Yamamoto
Burai Yamamoto is a recruitable character in Big Bang Age and a playable character in Big Bang Beat and Big Bang Beat Revolve.

Known as the "Fine-Eyed Baron" because of how his eyes are near-constantly closed, Burai is a strong, disciplined boxer who was forced to aid Agito of the Dark keep control of the school. When Rouga Zanma defeated Agito, Burai swore loyalty to Rouga and joined the Wolf Fang Brigade.

Despite his general seriousness and unflappability, Burai has a crippling fear of girls, as seen whenever he fights Senna Kyoudou, Kunagi Tenrou, Kinako Tsukiyomi, Kendou and Kyuudou Nakanishi or Erika Miyazato. He also dislikes ghosts to the same, or even greater, degree.


He is a boxer. He has a sister, Mirai. He used to work for Agito for betraying his friends for his sister's hospital fees until he decided to disobey him for restoring Saintly Castle school back to normal as peaceful which it used to be before also for his freedom.

He has fears of the ghosts (excluding demons or monsters). He will support Rouga for our dream to control the whole country with his fists.


He seem to be kind of serious but when it comes to women, he cannot speak very well in front of women.


  • Given the nickname of "The Fine-Eyed Baron" by Rouga due to Burai's eyes are so narrow.

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