Kzone-wallp-buhawi (1)
Buhawi, as shown in Foldabots Toy Book 1

Full name



Foldabots, Dark Ages, Foldabots Chronicles


Leadear of the Foldabots


Ultimate Agimat Force, Bakunawa Spirit Dragon


Defend the whole planet from Lutabots

Type of hero

Robot, Seeker of vengeance, Leader

Buhawi is the main protagonist in the Foldabots franchise and one of the main hero in comics. He is the leader of the good robots or Foldabots every time he protects the city and they create him to destroy Lu-sho, the main antagonist in the Foldabots franchise. 


in comics they created him so that there is no lead to them and he help his comrade to kill the enemies and the combiner help him to kill the evil ruler and the combiner fight the evil guys and they kill the villain and he helped his friend to avenge the ones who killed his friend and he also appear in the battle of the prehistoric animal combiner when his combiner was killed by the evil combiner he help and killed evil combiner and  he ws not appear in the battle in the grass of the insects and he is also appear in the city when the evil -ruler create his minion to avenge the deceased of his own minion and brainwash his friends or comrades helping the city and they become evil  and they destroy the city  he lead into the city with his friends and he is also killed by the giant evil combiner and he also bring to his own camp when they defeated the one who killed him and they cure repair him in the camp and they defeated another combiner and the construction workers help and restore their city with the help of good foldabots and their reinforcements and they do not know that there was a dump truck behind them and he told to his master and creating his minions and destroy his reinforcements and their commander but they where killed by his soldiers and peace is restore and still repairing him and the children using their powers to revive him and he is back in action and the giant monster is going to make the minions and destroy them and they still fighting and buhawi used his power to wipe out the minions and they were smashed by buhawi's hand with dragon fist and he told them to stop following the evil and then they were learned about him they transform into good their life giving.In the comics He told the evil turned into good they are going to stop the evil-ruler or dictator they combine into Sporticons into Sporticus then he fight the villain and he uses his power to stop him and the villain his eye was injured.


  • He is the strongest robot in the Neo-Republika universe.
  • He has the power  to change Lutant splats into Agimats.
  • Last 2013, Buhawi died. But they revived him by sacrificing the Bakunawa Dragon. Since then, Buhawi has been mightier and stronger, and he now remains the strongest Foldabot.