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Brian the Scorchio
Background information
Origin Neopets
Hero information
Full name Brian the Red Scorchio
Alias Brian the Scorchio, Brian
Occupation Hero
Powers / Skills Good Darkness, Claws, Gormball, Superhuman strength
Hobbies Cheating the Gormball game
Goals To become the most champion in Gormball game
Friends / Allies Ursula the Usul, Gargarox, and others.
Type of Hero Villain turned to the good side, Anti-Hero

Brian the Scorchio or simply Brian was an antagonist-turned-protagonist who appeared on Neopets when he was disqualified for using a tricked Gormball. He later turned to the good side and becomes a protagonist who wants to become champion and was redeemed.


Brian the Scorchio is shown to be very protective, but despite his intimidating behavior, he is a male dragon with a anti-heroic personality used to do good, Brian is known to be an protagonist if you pick him, he has never known his parents when he was a baby, Brian was later raised by Gargarox, a mutant Grundo who feeds him with alien foods to make him a good Gormball player, Brian later befriends Kevin, a Korbat who dreams to become a champion of Gormball just like him.


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