Brewster is a diesel locomotive. He is a trainee and has been since the first series. He is the deuteragonist in the television show.


Brewster is a young trainee who always likes to make sure everything is working okay. This can slow him down, but he is strong, capable and reliable!


Brewster is based on the BR Class 23, nicknamed 'Baby Deltics'. They resemble the BR Class 55, though being much smaller, having a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement. Brewster has only one cab, but real Class 23s have two cabs.

Voice Actors

  • Charlie George (UK Season 1-3)
  • Toby Davies (UK Season 4-present)
  • Miles J Harvey (US)
  • Karina Parra (Latin America)
  • Pedro Soares (Brasil)
  • Manuel Meli (Italy)
  • Noam Tal (Israel)


  • Brewster is the oldest of the trainees.
  • Zephie idolizes him, as seen in Brewster's Little Helper
  • He seems to admire Action Chugger.
  • In German Brewster is called Bastian, in Hebrew he is called רותם (Rotem) and in Latin America, Brazil, France and Italy he is called Bruno.