Bowen is one of the main characters of the 1996 movie "Dragonheart", being a knight who turned to slaying dragons after falsely believing that a dragon's heart had corrupted his lord Einon. However, he eventually learns the truth and stands against Einon. He is played by Dennis Quaid. 


Bowen first appears as a noble knight dedicated to chivalry and the old ways of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. He teaches Prince Einon how to fight and does his best to get him to embrace the noble path of the knights. Unfortunately, Einon proves to be just as cruel and evil as his father, but Bowen is unable to accept this, instead believing that the dragon's heart used to revive him corrupted him. As a result, Bowen swore revenge on the dragon and became a cynical, bitter, mercenary and dragon-slayer. And he is also known as smart-alecky (sometimes), impolite (sometimes), roguish, bold, outgoing, weird, extroverted, nice, kind, negative (sometimes), irascible, grouchy, heroic, tough, self-absorbed (sometimes), intelligent, rowdy, brainy, observant, warm-hearted, emotional and naughty (sometimes).

After 12 years however, Bowen ran out of dragons to slay, but by then also at last discovered the dragon who's heart had saved Einon's life. Coming to form a partnership with this dragon (who he also named Draco) Bowen became a con-man, having Draco attack villages and then pretend to be slain by the knight.  After running into Kara, Bowen is confronted even more with how far he's fallen from the noble knight he once was. After an encounter with the ghost of King Arthur, Bowen rediscovers himself and returns to his original persona. Helping Kara and Draco train the peasents in warfare, he leads a rebellion against Einon. Tragically though, it eventually becomes clear that Draco and Einon possess a link where they can feel each other's pain and as such Einon can only die if Draco does.  As a result, Bowen is forced to kill his own friend, but in doing so saves the kingdom from Einon's tyranny. Bowen and Kara then herald in a newer, better age.

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