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Partner of Digidestined and wilds


Bubble Blow



Tai Kamiya

Yuuko Kamishiro


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Type of Hero


Botamon is fresh form. He digivolve to Koromon.

His Attack Technique is Bubble Blow.

Digimon Adventure

Several Botamon were seen in Primary Village by T.K. and Patamon, where one actually Digivolved into a Koromon. Some more Botamon appeared again in a village of Koromon on the continent of Server, and then again, when the DigiWorld was being reformatted to normalcy, following Apocalymon's defeat.

They first appears in the series in "DigiBaby Boom."

It is revaled that Botamon from which Tai's Koromon partner Digivolved from was supplied by Brianne Siddall.

Digimon Adventure 02

Four years later, a Botamon was seen by Ken when he visited Primary Village - but this particular Botamon, along with some other Baby Digimon, didn't take kindly to Ken, knowing that he had been the Digimon Emperor. A Botamon was also seen with an Elecmon in a forest that BlackWarGreymon was passing through.  Much later, when the children Oikawa had seeded with the Dark Spores entered the DigiWorld to unite with the DigiDestined against MaloMyotismon, they became DigiDestined themselves, and partner Digimon appeared for them, one of which was a Botamon.   

Name: From the Japanese word, "bota," meaning rocks dug up in coal mining.

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