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Bo' Rai Cho
Background information
Origin Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Hero information
Full name Bo' Rai Cho
Alias Master Bo' Rai Cho
Occupation Outworlder Trainer

God Protector of Outworld (MKA)
Fart Master

Powers / Skills High Intelligence

Superhuman Strength & Speed
Master Martial Artist & Combatant
Control over the time of vomiting to be used as a trap and farts
Staff Proficiency

Hobbies Training with Earthrealm warriors (especially with Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Shujinko)


Goals Teach Liu Kang to defeat Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, and Shinnok

Help Raiden and his allies to stop Onaga by any means possible and save Earthrealm
Protect people from evil threats

Friends / Allies Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Shujinko, Raiden, Li Mei, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Kung Jin, White Lotus Society
Enemies Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Baraka, Mileena, Onaga
Type of Hero Mentor, Protector

I train my most promising students here at my home, away from prying eyes, to assure that my secrets are only known to those I trust.
~ Bo' Rai Cho to Shujinko

I'm concerned that Shinnok may return.
~ Bo' Rai Cho to Raiden

Bo' Rai Cho is an Outworldian martial arts teacher and a hero from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He was voiced by Herman Sanchez and Steve Blum.


Bo' Rai Cho was a teacher of many great warriors, such as Liu Kang and Shujinko. Despite living in Earthrealm, he was actually from Outworld and though he had the skills to participate in a Mortal Kombat tournament, Bo' Rai Cho couldn't since his victory would allow Shao Kahn to take the Earthrealm. After Liu Kang was killed by the Deadly Alliance, Kung Lao went to Bo' Rai Cho for training on how to defeat Shang Tsung.

He then went to Outworld while the Earthrealm warriors prepared to fight the Deadly Alliances and spied on the two sorcerers, rescuing another Outworldian fighter, Li Mei. Afterwards, during the rise of Dragon King, Bo' Rai Cho regrouped with Raiden and the other Earthrealm warriors to return to Earth.

In his ending in Armageddon, Bo' Rai Cho's defeat of Blaze teleported him before the Elder Gods, who then appointed him the protector god of Outworld.

Powers and Abilities

Bo' Rai Cho is a skilled fighter despite his obese and drunken appearance and even integrates this into his fighting style, using Drunken Fist style. He uses his obesity to stomp on the ground, causing tremors and bounce on his foes with his stomach. Bo' Rai Cho can also vomit at will, using it as a way to trap his opponents and has demonstrated he is a capable general.


  • "You are one ugly motherfucker." (To the Predator)


  • Bo' Rai Cho's creation had two motivations behind it. First was that Ed Boon wanted more of a "slob" character and Mortal Kombat had no mentor character.
  • Bo' Rai Cho has an archenemy in Baraka and he has battled the Tarkata before.
  • He is one of the few Outworldian characters that is not evil.
  • In Motor Kombat, one of the tracks is a brewery that apparently belongs to him.
  • In Deadly Alliance, Bo' Rai Cho was the icon of a fake drink called Peptic Thunder, which causes involuntary vomiting upon consumption. This is most likely a parody of Pepto-Bismol, a medication drug, since they both have a pink color.
  • Bo' Rai Cho states that Earthrealm's rice wine put the alcohol of Outworld to shame, which is one of the reasons he went to Earthrealm.
  • Bo' Rai Cho's quote towards the Predator was a direct reference from Dutch in the 1987 Predator film and Mike Harrigan from 1990's Predator 2.
  • He is quite old, since he was already rather aged when he was teaching Shujinko and after 40 years, he was still alive.
  • In Deadly Alliance, when Bo' Rai Cho switches fighting styles, a fart noise is heard. It is also heard when he jumps or moves around.



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