Blackberry is one of the main characters from the Watership Down franchise.

Book and Movie

"I'm quite sure, myself, that if we don't change our natural ways we shan't be able to stay here very long." - Blackberry about digging burrows.

In the book, Blackberry wanted to leave the Sandleford because there were too many bucks, and not enough does. He was one of the first to join Hazel and Fiver. When the travellers faced a river, Blackberry came up with an idea to use a piece of wood to take Fiver and Pipkin across the river as they were too tired to swim. This discovery saved their lives, but everyone, except for Fiver and Blackberry himself, didn't understand the meaning of this and forgot about it soon afterwards.

TV Series

In the TV series, Blackberry is, controversially, portrayed as a female, due to a lack of female rabbits in the original novel. Like in the book, Blackberry is very clever and came up with ideas of using a piece of wood and a boat in the episode 1 and 7. Blackberry has skills in herbs and also referred to as the digging expert.

She is the only doe to go to Watership Down with Hazel and the others. Blackberry is an expert digger, and is very skilled at healing wounds with different herbs. She later falls in love with Campion, and they eventually become mates just after General Woundwort is defeated in the third season finale.


  • In the book and movie, Blackberry is portrayed as a young buck. But in the TV series, Blackberry is a doe.

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