Bibleman is the main superhero who fights evil in the name of God, and he's protagonist of the Christian family TV show with the same name on the title. He was the alter-ego of a formerly wealthy man named Mile Peterson, (later Josh Carpanter).


Miles Peterson was once a wealthy man who had it all; everything that the world had to offer him, until he lost it, he became so miserable, alone, and his spirit was so beaten that he gave up. Then in his darkest hour the words of the Holy Bible began to change his life and at last Miles Peterson felt the burning desire to know God and so, inspired by the Word of God and equipped with unyielding faith Miles pledged to fight evil in the name of God, as the Christian Superhero known as Bibleman, Miles fights against enemies using scripture. Josh Carpenter, finds out about the Bible when his parents are arguing. He is a former children's pastor who served Jesus Christ ever since his childhood and is chosen as the second Bibleman after Miles Peterson retired from hero work.