Azukina is a a tall squirrel-like fairy appearing in the second half of Fresh Pretty Cure!. She is Tart's fiancée, and the princess of a neighboring kingdom. Their marriage is arranged, as it will unite the two kingdoms, though Azukina and Tart both care deeply for each other and will do everything to protect the other. Unlike Tart, Azukina has long hair and pink in color. She also speaks in a dialect like Tart does.


  • Azukina is the first mascot character in the whole Pretty Cure series to be engaged with the main mascot character of the series, in this case, her engagement to Tart in marriage.
  • Azukina's motif is that of cherry blossoms, which fits mostly for her color and her fur around her neck.
  • She is the first mascot not to appear commonly in the series.
  • She is the second fairy mascot not to end her sentences with a suffix. The first being Tart.

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