Background information
Origin Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery
Hero information
Full name Austin "Danger" Powers
Alias Austin, Mr. Powers, International Man of Mystery
Occupation Secret Agent
Powers / Skills Martial Arts, Mojo
Hobbies Saving the world, Wooing women
Goals Save the World, Defeat Dr. Evil (formerly)
Friends / Allies Basil Exposition, Vanessa Kensington, Mrs. Kensington, Felicity Shagwell, Foxxy Cleopatra, his father Nigel Powers, his brother Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, Number Two, Frau Farbissina, Fat Bastard, Fook Yu and Fook Mi, Ivana Humpalot
Enemies Dr. Evil (formerly), Mini-Me (formerly), Number Two (formerly), Frau Farbissina (formerly), his nephew Scott Evil, Random Task, Alotta Vagina, Fat Bastard (formerly), Patty O'Brian, Robin Swallows, Ivana Humpalot (formerly), Goldmember
Type of Hero Secret Agent, Comedic Hero

Oh Behave!
~ Austin Powers' catchphrase

Austin "Danger" Powers is a geeky-looking, hippie-like secret agent and the titular protagonist of the Austin Powers films. He is a parody of James Bond. He was frozen in 1967 and defrosted in 1997 to battle his archenemy/brother Dr. Evil.

He is played by Mike Myers who also played Shrek, The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Goldmember.

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