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Full Name

Asami Sato




Avatar the Legend of Korra


  • Owner of Future Industries
  • Second-In-Command of Team Avatar


Hand-to-hand training, equalist electric gauntlet, expert pilot with any vehicle


Watching pro-bending matches, satomobile racing, spending time with Mako


Help Korra, stop the Equalists, keep Future Industries in business, be with Mako (formerly)

Type of Hero

Rich Hero / Daughter of Villain / Girlfriend / Tragic Hero

You can't be afraid to mix it up sometimes
~ Asami

Asami Sato is the beautiful daughter of Hiroshi Sato and a main character in Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Though her father is in league with the Equalists, she recognized that his actions were wrong and chose to stand against him. She was in a love triangle with Mako and Korra, and was forced to watch as her boyfriend ran off after another woman. Following her father's imprisonment, Asami took over Future Industries. She remains good friends with Korra despite their both loving the same man and is generally very polite and sweet despite both her wealthy background and being the daughter of an Equalist.

She can't bend, but she knows how to fight using hand to hand combat, and also using an electrified glove taken from her father. She is also an excellent driver, capable of piloting anything from a moped to a satomobile to a biplane. 

Mortal Enemies

  • Hiroshi Sato (Father) Joined the Equalists and fought against Team Avatar, later reconciled in Season 4
  • Varrick Betrayed her and tricked her into selling controlling interest of Future Industries.


Asami is a sweet and caring young woman, yet she is also independent and capable of fending for herself in tough situations. Even though she is quite used to luxury due to her wealthy background, she does not think of herself as "daddy's little girl", despite what some may think, and maintains a humble and modest demeanor, using her wealth and abilities to help others.

Although the murder of her mother at the hands of a bender could instigate a hatred toward them, like it did with her father, Asami's high morality and judgment prevented her from developing any prejudice against benders in general. She was able to choose the moral high ground above the only family ties she still had left, her father, showcasing her strong character.

Despite having a friendly personality, Asami has shown a capacity for jealousy that surfaced when she saw indications of romance between Mako and Korra. However, her remarkable character resurfaced once again in the face of hardships -in this case of the romantic type- and, although hurt and offended, Asami showed no spite toward Korra even when she was threatening to steal her boyfriend. Her caring nature is still prevalent, shown even after her break up with Mako, as she wishes him well before he embarks on a dangerous mission.



Asami electrifies barbarians

Asami jumped over her attacker while electrifying them.

Asami is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat; from a young age, her father enrolled her in self-defense classes so she would be able to protect herself. Her prowess was great enough to easily disarm the Equalists' Lieutenant and knock him out with his own weapon, and she was similarly able to evade attacks from five chi blockers before using an electrified glove to stun them. Asami has also proven herself to be nimble; she was able to jump over a speeding motorcycle while kicking the rider off and still landing gracefully, and dodged an earthbending attack by a Red Lotus sentry before stunning him in one fluid motion.

Other skills

Asami is an expert driver, having learned through testing her father's Satomobiles, and is fully capable of rivaling Equalist motorcyclists. She can also drive motorboats and sand-sailers, skillfully being able to escape and divert enemies during speed chases. Having assisted her father in operating their company, Asami is capable of controlling any other vehicle engineered by Future Industries, such as mopeds, forklifts, and mecha tanks, which she noted were operated similarly. As such, she has developed an keen eye on technology workmanship, being able to discern high-quality products from subpar ones, as evidenced when she criticized Cabbage Corp's airships for utilizing lighter materials, possibly sacrificing passenger safety.

Asami is a practical thinker and a capable engineer, able to repair and construct vehicles with limited resources, such as when she improvised a makeshift sand-sailer using materials from a destroyed airship. She is also a skilled Pai Sho player, proving herself to be a good methodical strategist and can pick locks with her hair pins, able to free Tenzin through this method in the Northern Air Temple.

Coming out of the closet

It is confirmed that she is lesbian and that her current girlfriend is Korra.


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