Anna Hottenmeyer
Anna Hottenmeyer is a german female driller and the rival of Susumu Hori of the Mr. Driller series. Since her first appearance (Mr. Driller 2), she teams up with Susumu, Puchi, Taizo Hori and Ataru Hori to drill various areas that the Undergrounders have bury the blocks.


She's very tomboyish, blonde, wears goggles and a white suit and is the friendly rival of Susumu Hori


  • If you look hard her appearance is very similar to Panty from Panty And Stocking.
  • She never appeared in Wreck-it Ralph. She shared this trait with Sly Cooper Sam & Max, Bomberman,  Rayman & others.
  • Anna is also a suggestion to be playable in Super Smash Brother 4.
  • Anna's birthday is December 12, 1986.

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