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Background information
Origin The Angry Video Game Nerd
Hero information
Full name James Duncan Rolfe
Alias The Angry Video Game Nerd
The Fucking Nerd
The Angry Nintendo Nerd
The Angry Atari Nintendo Nerd
The Gamer
Occupation Game Reviewer
Powers / Skills Gaming Skills
Video Game Physics
Hobbies Playing Terrible Games
Drinking Beer
Goals Warn the world of inferior games (succeeded)
Friends / Allies
Enemies Fred Fuchs
Board James
Nostalgia Critic
Bugs Bunny
Death Mwauthzyx
Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin
R.O.B. the Robot
The Devil
Jason Voorhees
The Dream Phone
The Joker
Freddy Krueger
General Dark Onward
Bloodstain Bears
Robert Louis Stevenson
Bimmy & Jimmy
Michael Myers
Sergeant McButter
Pepe Le Pew
Elmer Fudd
Type of Hero Tragic Anti Hero / Trash-Talking Hero / Internet Hero / Fighter

What were they thinking?!?
~ The Nerd commenting on poor choices done by video game developers.

The Angry Video Game Nerd (formerly The Angry Nintendo Nerd and often abbreviated The Nerd) is the titular protagonist of the popular web-series of the same name portrayed and created by James Rolfe. In each episode, he reviews a different poorly made video game, foul-mouthedly complaining, overreacting and often shouting about either graphic and music quality or game-play, but more reasonably the latter. His mortal enemy is the Nostalgia Critic, portrayed by Doug Walker, but in reality James and Doug are friends.


2 Jekyl-and-Hyde

The Nerd's first on-screen appearance in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde episode.

The AVGN looks like the stereotypical nerd. He wears glasses and dresses in a white dress shirt, that is always neatly buttoned up. In the pocket of this shirt, he has a few pens, which he sometimes throws. He also equips some of his NES accessories when fighting for armor and weaponry as Super NES Angry Video Game Nerd, where he doesn't wear his glasses.


The Nerd appears to have anger issues, sometimes going as far as destroying a game if he is angry enough. He is constantly drinking beer (probably Rolling Rock.) He usually flips off the game he is reviewing, sometimes in an slightly different way, such as wearing the Power Glove, he constantly swears and seems to like the expression "what a s---load of f---!"

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