Oh I'll show you attitude old man!
~ Anger to Riley's dad.

Anger is the main antagonist-turned-anti hero in Disney/Pixar's film, Inside Out.

He is voiced by Lewis Black.


Inside Out

Anger is accompanied with Joy and the other emotions when Riley gets older. He and the other emotions are angered with Riley's fearful memories, being the main cause of Riley getting into trouble. Without Joy and Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear began noticing what is happening to Riley when moving back to Minnesota. They try to save the headquarters, but Joy and Sadness came back. Eventually, the three remaining emotions come to the conclusion that the three of them can't seem to cope with Riley's actions without Joy, and soon Anger decides to take drastic measures to plant the idea of Riley running away back to Minnesota in order to be happy once more. He eventually carries out the ordeal, despite Fear's protest and Disgust's skepticism, and after seeing as though the idea can not be undone, Fear and Disgust immediately regret the decision they made, Anger soon begins to see the consequences and has second thoughts about carrying out the idea not long afterwards.

In the end however, Joy encourages Sadness to help provide comfort to Riley in order to nullify the corruption going on inside the headquarters. Afterwards, he and the other emotions reconciliate and continue working together to help Riley adapt to her new life in San Francisco.



  • The Bus Driver's emotions bear a resemblance to Anger. In fact, the Bus Driver's emotions are all only Anger despite being colored variously.