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Angemon is one of the heroes in Digimon Adventure and 02. He is the digivolved form of Patamon, the partner of T.K. Even though he's a champion Digimon, he puts up great fights with Ultimate Digimon as well. Angemon's known technique is Hand of Fate. He digivolve to MagnaAngemon and DNA digivolve to Shakkoumon with Ankylomon.

He is voiced by Dave Mallow in Digimon Adventure/02, Reunion and Jamieson Price in Confession in the English Version.


He resembles an angel warrior who weilds a staff as a weapon.

Digimon Adventure 

Angemon debuted when Patamon Digivolved into him in order to stop the giant Devimon. Not only did Angemon killed Devimon, but sacrificed himself by using up all the energy he had and reverted into a Digi-Egg where he was once reborn as Poyomon.

Angemon then returned to rescue WereGarurumon from Myotismon's Crimson Lightning attack and helped WereGarurumon fight Myotismon for sending Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon back to the Digital World.

During the showdown with Myotismon, Patamon Digivolved to Angemon once again and easily damaged Myotismon as well as killing Phantomon with a mere brush of his Hand of Fate attack.

After Myotismon was defeated and returned as VenomMyotismon, Angemon and Angewomon fought the giant monster while Izzy worked up a miracle to allow Agumon and Gabumon become their Mega Level forms.

During the Dark Masters arc, T.K. and Kari tried to be brave to escape from Piedmon, the last of the Dark Masters. Patamon became Angemon and distracted Piedmon while T.K. and Kari attempted to escape. However, Piedmon easily defeated Angemon and sliced the rope, sending T.K. and Kari falling to their doom. Angemon Digivolved to MagnaAngemon and saved T.K. and Kari.

Digimon Adventure 02

Patamon lost his power as Angemon. 

Digimon Emperor was defeated and his block against Digivolution lifted, Patamon had the natural ability to once again assume his Champion form. However, his main attack, Hand of Fate, was useless against the majority of Digimon the DigiDestined had to fight, since they where created from Control Spires. This meant they were not real Digimon and Angemon's attack only affected evil Digimon. For that reason, Pegasusmon was still used as his primary fighting form until Angemon and Ankylomon unlocked the power of DNA Digivolution.

Digimon: The Movie

Angemon and Angewomon appeared to fight Kerpymon (Evil). Later on, they digivolved to Seraphymon and Magnadramon to release the Golden Digi-Eggs.

Digimon Adventure tri. 


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Patamon digivolve to Angemon and digivolve to MagnaAngemon.

Digimon Frontier

Angemon is one of Ophanimon's servants. After she calls the human children to the Digital World, attempting to find those who can wield the Spirites, she sends back those who were not chosen. Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki and Teruo efuse to return, and Angemon is assigned a mission to watch over them. He attempts many times to convince them to go back to the Human World but is rebuffed each time, and so he continues to guard them from the Digital World's dangers. Angemon and the children settle into Steel Town, where he clashes with a Sagittarimon bandit. In their second battle, Angemon saves the DigiDestined, who are surprised at seeing fellow humans. The two groups argue, with the DigiDestined attempting to convince the children that they should return while being also rebuffed. Angemon meets with the DigiDestined afterward, recognizing them as those who inherited the Spirits, and explains the other children's background. They are interrupted by Sagittarimon once more, who brings with him a Centarumon army. He heads into battle by himself, refusing to put the last hope of the Digital World in any danger. Unfortunately, Sagittarimon has another Centarumon team ambush them from behind, and the bandit clashes with Angemon to prevent him from helping. The DigiDestined spirit digivolve to take care of the Centarumon, leaving Angemon to defeat Sagittarimon. Seeing the DigiDestined's strength and recognizing the true danger, the children Angemon guard now decide to leave. Angemon is about to say farewell when the Royal Knights arrive, seeking the children. He attempts to protect them, but Angemon is killed in one strike, with his Fractal Code scanned by Dynasmon. 

Digimon Fusion

The Warrior of Light was order who once governed Silicalia in the Sand Zone led by Angemon.

Battles Angemon fought

  • Angemon vs. Devimon
  • Angemon vs. Myotismon
  • Angemon and Angewomon vs. VenomMyotismon
  • Angemon, Birdramon, and Angewomon vs. WaruMonzaemon
  • Angemon, Kabuterimon, Birdramon, and Angewomon vs. Machinedramon
  • Angemon vs. Piedmon
  • Angemon vs. BlackWarGreymon

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