Background information
Origin Jurassic Park III
Hero information
Full name
Occupation Vice-Leader of the Velociraptor Solarensis pack
Powers / Skills High Intelligence, Hunting skills, Fast running speed, Leaping abilities
Hobbies Keeping their eggs
Goals Retrieve their eggs (succeeded)
Friends / Allies His mate, Spinosaurus (LEGO-Version only)
Enemies Alan Grant, Amanda Kirby, Paul Kirby, Eric Kirby (all formerly), Udesky, Billy Brennan
Type of Hero False Antagonist/Protagonist

What did you say? What are you looking for?
~ Alan Grant overhearing Alpha Male and Alpha Female's conversation before realized that their attack was due to them lost their eggs

Alpha's Mate is the alpha-male of the Isla Sorna Raptor Pack and a false villain/protagonist in Jurassic Park III.

Jurassic Park III

When two of his and her mate's eggs are stolen, he immediately sets out to track down the thief. He stumbles upon the abandoned InGen facility whilst stalking Dr. Grant and his companions, in which the said moment was when he makes his appearance. He notices that they're approaching the genetic admission lab room, and notices several dead embryos within incubation machines, he decided to disguise himself as the floating dead specimen in time just as the humans entered the lab. When Amanda notices the Alpha Male's presence and mistaking him as dead specimen, he blew his cover and attacked her.

Not long after Billy and Amanda trap him with a door, he screeches for help. After he managed to free himself in spite of the difficulty, he called the rest of the pack, whom one of them told Alpha female to make their move. The rest of his pack joined the chase, where Alpha female cripples Udesky to set the trap for Amanda, which unfortunately fails. Having no use with the dying Udesky, he killed the man to put him out of the misery before having a conversation with his mate where Dr. Grant was eavesdropping on them. However, Alpha male discovers this and he and his mate, along with other raptor corner him and demanded the eggs, only for Eric forces them to flee by threw a tear gas grenade on them.

Alpha male and his pack are not seen again until the end of the film, where they cornered the humans for the final time. Alpha proceed to sniff on Amanda while the rest of the pack (including Alpha male) keep their eyes on the rest of the humans, sniffs her as she accused her as the thief (which is not true as Billy was the true suspect of the theft). Alan, whom knew that the Alpha began to interrogate Amanda, gives Amanda the eggs, who puts them in front of the alpha-female. Alan then takes the resonating chamber Billy gave him and blows through it, hoping that this would convince the raptors to spare and apologize them for the problems that Billy caused. However, the voice from the chamber confuses the raptors instead. Alan tries to correct this by imitating their cry for help, but Alpha male, whom mistaking the noise that Alan made as an insult, charged at him.

Fortunately, Alpha calmed him down and ordered him to get back in rank. They then heard the approaching helicopters that prompted them to leave, but not before sparing the humans and retrieving the eggs.

LEGO Adaptation

Alpha Male's role is more or less the same in LEGO Jurassic World game, except that instead of having Udesky murdered, he, his mate and other members of their pack use a mechanical contraption trap which consists of a catapult which is activated by a boulder, a telephone as the bait, and a hanged cage (which presumably taken from the abandoned facilities in Isla Sorna). Given that the telephone rings, it's implied that they have knowledge of electricity to a certain degree.

In the twist ending of Jurassic Park III sequence, Alpha Male, Alpha Female, a member of their pack, and the Spinosaurus showed up in front of both protagonists and the rescue team where out of the interests with the ads in Paul's satellite phone, asked to tag along for the main land. This causes everyone to flee, much to their disappointment.


Alpha and her pack is the first proof of Velociraptors whom began to show behavior in form of being a loving parent in spite of their natural savageries. Alan Grant appeared to learn this from when they discovered their nest where their batch of eggs are placed closer to one whilst they themselves are not seen due to their hunting routine and another and discovered that Billy has indirectly provoked them by stealing two of them. He is also short tempered than her mate, as he goes to attack Alan whom attempted to communicate with them with the resonance chamber out of mistaking it as insult, but is stopped by her mate whom calmed him down.


Jurassic Park III

L.E.G.O. Jurassic World


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