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Bakugan - Alice Gehabich

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Alice Gehabich is one of main protagonists in the anime Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Alice's Guardian Bakugan is Hydranoid. She has a alter-ego of herself named Masquerade who was the major antagonist, she later redeems herself as Masquerade with her Hydranoid and she helped Dan to defeat Druman and Centorrior. She owns Hydranoid that Masquerade tells her that he is the same Alice wearing a mask to hide his true identity.

She became an supporting character from Bakugan New Vestroia, after the Bakugans are freed, she reunited with Hydranoid, she and Hydranoid killed Hades after a Masquerade's ghost-like form appears inside of this latter, but she was defeated by Shadow Prove who has MAC Spider as a replacement of Hades when she was accompanied by Chan Lee.

In the season 4, she was seen as a photo mentionned by Marucho.

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