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Background information
Origin The Little Mermaid
Hero information
Full name Alana
Alias Princess Alana
Occupation Princess of Atlantica
Powers / Skills Can remove her father's trident from the stand
Hobbies Spending time with Ariel and her father and sisters
Goals To live the life of a princess until she becomes queen
Family King Triton (father), Queen Athena (mother; deceased)
Ariel, Aquata, Andrina, Adella, Arista, Attina (sisters)
Prince Eric (brother-in-law)
Melody (niece)
Friends / Allies Sebastian, Flounder, Prince Eric, Scuttle, Queen Athena, Urchin
Enemies Ursula, Morgana, Marina Del Rey
Type of Hero Mermaid

Alana is a character from The Little Mermaid and its related media. She is one of the daughters of King Triton and Queen Athena and the Aunt of Ariel's daughter Melody. She was voiced by Kimmy Robertson in the animated series and by Jennifer Hale in the prequel film.

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