Aki is the protagonist of Misao. Aki is noted as being an ordinary high school girl. Unlike most of her classmates, she lives alone off-campus. The player is given the choice to name the protagonist themselves; however, Aki is the default name.


Aki is shown to have brown hair tied up into twin-tails. She has large, red eyes (however, her eyes are usually shown as a soft brown/amber color due to her contacts). Her twin-tails are tied up by two pink hair bows that match the color of her uniform, which is the standard female uniform for the school she attends. She is described by characters such as Tohma to be "pretty cute", which can make it safe to assume that she is above average in the looks department.


  • The creator of Misao is also the creator of another popular indie horror game: Mad Father.
  • Onigawara, the student council president, is eerily similar to Ogre, a character from Mad Father.
  • It is hinted she is part demon by the creator.
  • In the second playthough of the game you can play the male version of Aki, Akito.
  • While in the Rec Room, if Aki examines the dead body that she needed to hide in, the text will read that this concept came from a "foreign cartoon". Though it doesn't specify which one, it possibly comes from the American Television show, South Park. In the episode"The Simpsons Already Did It", Eric Cartman is forced to hide in a dead person's body in order to avoid the doctors from seeing him.
  • Aki can be startled very easily by sudden noises. An example of this is when she becomes startled by the sudden ringing of the telephone in the science room (where Yoshino meets her end), hitting her head on the wall, thus killing herself.

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