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Akari Ichijou is a heroine in The Last Blade.


Born and raised in Kyoto, Akari hails from a family of onmyoji. Her father asked her to take care of the Hell's Portal when it first opened. Wanting to see the world with her own eyes, Akari complied.

When her older sister, Hikari, succumbed to a mysterious illness, Akari grew worried and suspected it had something to do with Hell's Gate. By the time her father called her to tell her do what was to be done, she sets off determined to seal the gate again and cure her sister. Her ending has her escaping her father's wrath regarding her sudden departure and starting another adventure to find a mermaid, which is all left for poor Juzoh to absorb.


A spoiled little child, Akari often ignores her father's wishes to get what she wants. She likes adventuring and often leaves home having fun despite the circumstances of the journey. Although flippant in nature, she cares deeply for her family and friends.

Akari knows some English, most likely having learned it from her hobby in browsing an English dictionary. One winpose has her say to her foe, Just a moment! as she drinks tea served to her by a Youkai. Unfortunately, she does not have enough skills to carry a conversation in English, and at times, uses it wrongly. One example is her Let's Dancing! battlecry at the start of her Speed combo mode.


  • Aside from her sister, Akari hangs out with two other girls. Their names are Shizuka Kujo ("Shichi") and Aoi Yahata ("Acchi"). Shizuka has black hair and Aoi's outfit has green ribbons. They're usually seen cheering for her in the background or in her endings.