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Agumon (2006 anime) t
Background information
Origin Digimon Data Squad
Hero information
Full name Agumon
Alias None
Occupation Partner of DATS
Powers / Skills Pepper Breath
Hobbies Eating eggs, fight
Goals To save Digital World, Human World and to fight evil other digimon
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero

Agumon is one of the main heroes in Digimon Data Squad. He resembles a small dinosaur-like creature. His known attacks are Pepper Breath, same as the original Agumon's technique in Digimon Adventure, and Spitfire Blast. Agumon is Marcus Damon's sidekick, but he usually calls Marcus his boss. He digivolve to GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon and ShineGreymon.

Digimon Data Squad

Agumon adores his partner Marcus, and considers himself to be "Marcus's employee" (follower in the original). He even refers to Marcus as his "Boss" ("Aniki" in original, meaning "brother" literally but meaning "boss" according to the Yakuza, therefore having the same connotations).

In the first episode, he is referred to by the code-name of Raptor-1 by DATS. This Agumon in particular holds true to the given description of a common Agumon being somewhat aggressive.

Being the main digimon character in the series, Agumon is always the first amongst the partner digimon to reach a new level. Unlike the other partner digimon in Digimon Data Squad, Agumon was easily accepted into Marcus' family when he was discovered, and is even given free reign of the Damon household. 

Although Yoshino tells Marcus that Digimon can only eat special Digimon food, Agumon tends to eat practically anything, including Marcus's mother Sarah Damon's fried eggs. Agumon's obsession with eating sometimes results in comical moments when Agumon (or Koromon, in one situation) attempts to eat Marcus's head.

In the final episode, Marcus' DNA gives Agumon a new appearance. An outline of a dragon surrounds him, and he is given fiery bird-like wings and a dragon-like tail. In addition, Marcus can ride him, using straps attached to Agumon's wristbands to control his movements. Whether this is a super charge of Marcus' DNA or a new digivolution stage is unknown, but this form is informally referred to as "Agumon Burst Mode".

Digimon Fusion

Agumon appears alongside Marcus on the Old Clock Shop Man's boat. 

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