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Looks like we're gonna be doing this the hard way...
~ Adam Taurus

Adam Taurus was first seen in the "Black" Trailer and is the first male character to be introduced. He has a similar design to Ruby's and wears a mask over his eyes. His weapons of choice are a rifle and sword which can merge together. He appears to have a connection to Blake, but is abandoned by her at the end of the trailer.


Adam is a tall man with brown hair dyed with red streaks that spikes backwards. A noticeable trait of his appearance is the strange mask he wears, which obscures his eyes and upper face. This mask is whitish-tan with red Japanese style flame-like symbols decorating the front, brown beast-like-ear pieces of cloth on the top of both sides, and two slits on each side, presumably to allow for vision. Adam wears a long sleeved black trench coat with slit sleeves and more red designs and a white symbol on the left side. His trench coat is red on the inside, with red flame-like accents at the bottom, and has a large emblem on the back, with a white tulip design covered by a red rose design. He wears long black pants and black shoes that are red on the bottom, and black gloves with more red emblems on their forehand, appearing to be a variant of the Greek letter Ω (Omega), the last letter in the greek alphabet. He wears a black belt with red domino marks on them. His appearance generally consists of black and red, hence the noted-by-many similarities between his appearance and Ruby's.


Although little is known about Adam's personality, he seems to be somewhat arrogant and confident in his abilities. He has also shown some disregard for innocent people's lives, unlike Blake, as he planned to blow up the train along with everyone on board.

At the end of the "Black" Trailer Adam induces a state upon himself, "Seeing Red" (unofficial), wherein the red details on his body glow bright and he seems to acquire increased strength. Interestingly, when he slashes outwards using this ability, red rose petals are shown floating in the air, symbolizing his theme of 'wilt'. It is also being speculated that this move is called "Moonslice," which was mentioned in a picture that Monty posted on Twitter.


  • In Hebrew, Adam (אדם) means "Man", and Adom (אדום) means "Red". It is likely that Adam's name is a play on these two words.
  • Adam's last name, Taurus, is a Latin word meaning bull. It is also one of the constellations of the zodiac.
    • People born under the Taurus constellation are described as being reward oriented, enjoying earthly pleasures, and being bull headed stubborn, which accurately describe's Adam's personality.
  • Adam is the first male character to appear in RWBY, as well as the first character to appear with voice acting in the trailers.
  • Adam is the first human character revealed that isn't a main protagonist.
  • Despite a resemblance to Ruby, Monty Oum has stated that the two are not related, and the difference between them being "the scatter and the wilt".
  • Adam's fighting style is remarkably similar to that of Vergil from Devil May Cry series and Setsuka from the Soul Calibur series.
  • In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast's/Prince's name is revealed to be Adam. Further similarities between Adam and the Beast are their respective roses. The Beast was transformed by a cursed, wilting rose, wilting being the operating connection, since Adam's emblem is called "Wilt" and even slightly resembles the Beast's rose.
  • It is possible that Adam is somehow related to the Grimm, as he wears a mask that is of similar design to them.
  • His mask also appears for a split second during opening.
  • Adam and Ruby have some traits in common, mostly their color scheme and the heavy use of red imagery in their debut trailers.
  • His sword may be able to cut though aura, as in RWBY Volume 3: Episode 11 Heroes and Monsters, while fighting Blake, Yang ran over to the scene, where Adam proceed to stab Blake with his sword. This infuriated Yang, causing her to propel herself (by shooting the ground) forward to Adam to fight him. Adam then sliced Yang's arm clean off. Tho their was no blood and seems like the aura was still their was where flesh, bone ext. should be, it was only yellow, indicating that the aura is still protecting her as Yang's aura color is depicted as being yellow.

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