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Removal Proposals No. 3

Germany (Hetalia)

He's classified as an On & Off Good-Hearted Bastard who falls under the Lawful Neutral category. He also has an article on the Villains Wiki.

Jon Arbuckle

Mix of egomania, perversions and incompetence in this guy.

Sally Brown

She can be sometimes be self-centered and manipulative.

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• 11/12/2018

Removal Proposal: God of Light

Honestly this will involve some spoilers for those who haven't seen the third episode of Volume 6 but here it goes: He is the God of Light and creation who with his younger brother the God of Darkness created humanity to settle a feud. When he was added next to nothing is known and now he is shown guilty a rather "Disproportionate Retribution".

One day a woman who fell in love and went on adventures with her lover, one day her lover dies due to illness only to come to him begging that he revive her lover only for the God of Light to tell her "there's a balance" and is vague about why it'd be wrong. After sending her aways in desperation she goes to his brother and begs him without telling the brother she asked God of Light. After it being done the God of Light kills her revived lover (revived again right after by the brother) and feuds with his brother until pointing out the woman came to him first and states she wants to control the brother (honestly she seemingly just wants her lover back).

After the lover is killed again the woman in anger is ready to attack only for them to teleport her, and tell her she is selfish before cursing her with immortality just to "teach her the importance of balance". The immortality won't even allowing her to commit suicide to be reunited in the afterlife causing the woman to resent the gods and go down a dark path. The God of Light watched his brother destroy humanity when they try to overthrow them all while calling humanity a "failed experiment" vs valuing them as individuals. Leaving the woman to be alone until humanity somehow eventually returns. While the woman let monsters do whatever they wanted after another failed suicide attempt, God of Light resurrects her lover for no reason other than to stop her and tells him of the relics. God of Light says that he and his brother will return when all four are united but makes it clear if divided and not basically a utopia they will wipe out humanity again but permanently as they will be deemed "irredeemable". The woman and her lover are none other than Salem and Ozpin with his curse causing Salem to becoming corrupt and evil not to mention a seemingly eternal feud.

I feel these at best neglectful and arguably borderline malicious acts go far beyond acceptable for PG. I could understand the refusal to resurrect a mortal but the fact he sees Salem as selfish simply for trying to get the one person who loved her back, going as far as to curse her with immortality just to prevent her from being with her then lover, hypocrisy later, seeing humanity as just an experiment and making it clear if they return and humanity isn't basically perfect/borderline utopia they will simply wipe them out just going way too far.

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• 11/10/2018
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• 11/10/2018

Saitama and Genos skills

Well i'm a great fan of One Punch Man and i'm curious, as far as i know both genos and saitama refuse to learn martial arts from bang and rely solely in their powers (or in genos case, enhancements) to win their battles. Still both of them count as skilled combatants, cause eitherway they have exhibited excellent fighting skills (more often genos, since he is usually the one who needs it)

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• 11/9/2018

More Removal Proposals

Finland (yes, the Hetalia character)

Counts as a Good-Hearted Bastard, a type of hero who's usually dishonest, selfish, even more violent and perhaps even delusional.

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter

Classified as an On & Off mischievous anti-hero and a Good-Hearted Bastard.

Ed (Good Burger)

Just like Sheldon Cooper, this guy barely understands people's emotions and often ends up offending or hurting other people's feelings apart from never apologizing nor understanding what he did wrong. As such he counts as a Heroic Jerk.

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• 11/5/2018

Removal Proposal: Eleven

This might cause some debate, but I think Eleven from Stranger Things should be cut. I watched the show a long time ago, but from what I remember and heard, Eleven apparently has some corrupting qualities. For one, she acts like a real jerk to Max, making her fall from her skateboard and ignoring her simply because of a dumb misunderstanding, and she often resorts to attacking people who annoy her when she's in a bad mood. She also has some clear anger issues. Although I'm not sure if that last part counts as a legitimate corrupting quality, it still adds to her other corrupting qualities. Please comment.

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• 10/29/2018


Sorry thought I'd update you guys on what I've added to the rules: "If there are 5 valid upvotes with no valid downvotes on a PG Proposal/removal, then the consensus is immediately over in favor of the discussion so we don’t have to wait a week for the consensus to be official. If there’s one valid downvote before then, then the 3 upvote rule applies and everyone waits the week for the consensus even if it’s an overwhelming majority. An effort post has to have 4 or more votes or the final decision will be extended to two weeks".

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• 10/29/2018

Delete proposal

I've just recently saw that ronald mcdonald (the one from rackaracka videos9 is in this wiki. Now can i ask, WHY IN THE NAME OF GOOD IS HERE? Seriously, the guy has commited all the crimes of the world and his page is too short in my opinion, i don't see a reason of why people believe him to be an anti-hero nor why he must be here so i would like if some users could give me permission to delete him from here.

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• 10/29/2018

Power Hungry Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer?

Why is Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer marked under the "Heroic Power Hungry" catagory?

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• 10/28/2018

More Removal Proposals

LINCOLN LOUD: Falls under On & Off, Heroic Jerks, Mischievous, and even Chaotic Neutral. In (almost) every episode, he does something selfish. And while he does regret it, he goes and does another selfish thing in the next episode.

LILY LOUD: Falls under Mischievous. Also, nearly everyone outclasses her standards.

HENRY HART: Falls under Heroic Jerks. Also, he can become a real jerk, even arrogant in some episodes.

ALVIN SEVILLE (LIVE ACTION): Falls under Outright, Arrogant, Mischievous, and Good Hearted B******s.

SIMON SEVILLE (LIVE ACTION): Falls under Mischievous and Anti-Hero.

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• 10/28/2018

Categories change up

Guys we must change something! It don't work like it's now!

I mean, the categories are randomly thrown on character pages that don't simply go hand-in-hand, and no one is changing it. And for me, the Pure Good category don't works for the most part, and it seems more we copy 1 to 1 the Pure Evil category, what don't work for me. Plus, it sounds like just the 100% hero can coun't without, with isn't the case, right? They can have flaws, or not? And this category is put on character pages who are not really Pure Good because they are "Heroic Jerks" or "Arrogant".

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• 10/27/2018


I hope i'm not breaking the rules at doing this but i'm actually new and i wanted to know if someone could explain how to do a pure good proposal and the kind of traits characters must have in order to belong to said category

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• 10/27/2018


Nome: Eduardo Diego Arnaldo

Profissão: Professor de "Direito Interplanetário" na escola do Varejão do Ensino

Sexo: Masculino

Raça: Humano, Terráqueo, Mortal

Cor: Branco

Inimigos: Incas Venusianos

Cor dos olhos: Pretos

Cor dos Cabelos: Castanhos

Amigo(s): Espinha(Paulo Felipe), Fimose(Lúcio José), Menino Gordinho Cujo o Nome ele Nunca se lembra(Felipo Marcos), Morena gostosinha Cujo o Nome ele Nunca se lembra(Vera)
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• 10/25/2018


How come the directors from Batman can’t make a avengers movie like the one with marvel
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• 10/24/2018

The "No New Categories" Rule Has to Go

I honestly don’t see the point of adding this rule, its just basically here just to controversially piss off the userbase. And more so, I don’t see anything wrong with overspecificness, its just a required tool to add some more quality as the individual needs, there’s nothing wrong with that. And yet, the Villains Wiki needs to have the same treatment in removing this rule. At worst, it’s not only painfully controversial, but its quite hypocritical to add such a rule, while other users are adding more and more franchise categories. Rather than being overly restrictive, it has to be realized that there has to be balance between chaos and order.

Too much order will result in no fun whatsoever, and too much chaos will result in needless mischief and rule breaking. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not here to break rules, but whenever I see something wrong with them, the said problems have to be discussed. I’m basically very disappointed at this change, and I wish the rule is gone for good. I basically want this wiki fun but balanced, and not being overestrictive. This is just my advice to the entire administrator staff, in making this wiki a much more suitable environment. The side point is, on wikis, the articles have to be fully organized, without more categories, everybody will have trouble learning about something/someone and the overall basics of who they are or what they are.

Another point I have to make is that categories are very important to add, because they make finding something on the wiki far much easier, as opposed to disallowing more categories, which as a result, makes finding articles much more of a nightmare to do.

So who agrees or disagrees with me?
  • I Agree
  • I Disagree
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• 10/24/2018

Donald Duck

can I edit the Donald Duck page

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• 10/23/2018


Hi I am new here !
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• 10/21/2018

What are all the corrupting qualities that would cut a hero from Pure Good?

And which categories don't go hand in hand with Pure Good?

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• 10/19/2018


I've crossed with characters whom have categories that don't make sense or are incredible wrong with their story or caracteristics.

For example Saitama from One punch man were in categories like inmortal, heroe who can fly or even martial artist, none of those categories fits absolutely nothing with him and yet he got them. I guess that this site does not penalizes you for giving wrong categories to characters but honestly it piss off a bit. I removed all those categories from his page and gave him more logical categories that are in line with his traits and history but i've seen this happens often apparently, even in the villains wiki. It's that ok?

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• 10/18/2018

Are heroes like Mario or Luigi lethal heroes?

I mean we don't know if they really are killing their enemies, right? Sure they explode, but it seems more that they are just punshed K.O/knocked out or something, because it's also a game for children.

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